Cornflour salt dough recipe

Since we have left the UK I have lost the easy access to all the cream of tartare I need for homemade play dough. It can be very frustrating when you have three kids around. I tried recipes with a lemon juice but I didn’t like the results that much. For some time we swapped for a salt dough but it also wasn’t enough. I was so desperate I even bought some jars (which I haven’t done in ages), but they are smelly and pricey. And as a result, I almost stopped giving a dough to my Little Rascals to play with which obviously is also a VERY bad idea. After all, playdough is one of the best ways to make those little hands strong!

And finally, this Christmas I tried a new recipe and found what I was looking for! It is so great I have to share it with you and have it written down for a future reference.

It has advantages from both play & salt dough but at the same time doesn’t have their disadvantages. It is very simple and fast to prepare. Leaves no mess behind. It is very elastic and flexible and is way better to work with than a play or salt doughs we were using before.


  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 cup of cornflour (cornstarch) + a bit more
  • 1 cup of warm water

To prepare we will also need a pot and a wooden spoon.

We mix the cornflour and salt in a pot over a medium-high heat and gradually add water stirring constantly. Everything has to be mixed well and once it starts to form a ball we move a dough onto a working area. We knead it until smooth. If the dough is too sticky, we add a bit more of cornflour.

It is so easy I usually make two or three portions. Always using the same pot and never having to clean it in between.

I haven’t tried adding colours yet (we did add some glitter though) but we I definitely will soon! And then come back here to share the results of our experiments.

During Christmas, we made ornaments with the dough. We left them to dry at a room temperature which obviously took several days. I’m sure one can dry them in an oven but we try to save on electricity bill.

cornstarch dough

cornstarch dough

And a few days ago we used it as a snowy floor for our enchanted woods).

cornstarch dough

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