The Cantonese rice, a DIY game

Some time ago I saw on a (Polish) Zabawkator page a wonderful wooden game called “The Cantonese rice” made by Milaniwood. Instantly I fell in love with it, but there obviously was a catch. A catch called “Forget it, you have no more space for yet another game and you have soooo many materials for practising fine motor skills…”.





Couldn’t argue with me, could I? But the idea is so nice, so simple and so appealing that I knew I had to create our version of the game.

The rules are very simple. There is one shared bowl of rice with few ingredients – ham (pink cubes), peas (green beads) and egg (yellow flat tiles). Using only their chopsticks players have to take those ingredients (everything but rice) to their smaller bowls making sure that they have more pieces of each ingredient than their opponent. At the end of the game, we count the pieces. The player who has more of particular ingredient gets +5 points.

Easy peasy.

So here is our version of the game. I love how it turned out!

For the ingredients I used as follow:

  • peas – green wooden beads
  • egg – yellow points from our Spielgaben set
  • ham – pink Lego bricks (we don’t have enough of one colour)
  • rice – I used normal rice as I had nothing else

We also have two pairs of chopsticks for children we brought with us from our travel (we actually have more so we can add more players) and crockery we bought a long time ago. Altogether it all looks really nice.

We obviously tried it already and, as expected, it was really fun. For N I mean, because she knows how to use chopsticks. S and V will have to learn, but now they have a cute set to practice on.

N had no problems trying to take the pieces (even the round beads) and in fact, we ended up in a tie. Afterwards, she sat down for some time playing alone. She really loves her chopsticks!

As an alteration, I’m thinking of introducing a different points system. This way, as a cherry on top, we will also get some addition and multiplication. I’m a bad HE-mama ;-)

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