In the land of illusion – Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai

“Since illusion is not the opposite of reality, the effect of illusion one experiences is neither true nor false.”

(from museum’s webpage)

… but it’s definitely a fun one! ;-)


Last Friday we visited a really awesome place! A multimedia 3D museum, Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai. An art gallery, but in fact more like a playground. For children of all ages. Small children and big children. Adults I mean.

There were several illustrations which I’ve previously seen around the internet but they were new for our Little Rascals. They enjoyed trying to count the elephant’s legs or describing what they saw in those pictures only to realise there was always something more.

The museum is enormous! It has several great halls and rooms located on two floors. Just to give you an idea how huge it is – photos you’ll see below are not even half of what we’ve taken and we probably took pics in less than half available spots. We were so tired at the end we couldn’t even smile to the camera anymore.

The museum is overwhelming but really enjoyable. It’s a place where your imagination flourishes, where you can play with your senses the way you’ve never been able to. It was amazing seeing N who was constantly coming up with more and more ideas for new photos. So many options for exploration, play and laughs.

Just take a look and let the photos tell you the story! And at the end tell me which one is your favourite :-)

And now to the second floor…


Practical info:

* official website: Art in Paradise

* opening hours: 9am – 8:30pm

* prices: adults 400 baht (or maybe 300, I’m not sure) and children 200 baht (V entered for free)

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