Girls’ day out in Malaysia

On Thursday we left our boys to have a “girls only” morning. It wasn’t our typical mummy-daughter time as we were joined by our lovely host Ella and her little daughter. Nevertheless, no boys allowed!

We went to Kuala Terengganu to a local market. I wanted to take a look at batiks and N wanted to taste more Malaysian specialties.

Ella is not only a perfect host but also a great guide. First, she took us to stables we had on our way to see a baby horse born only three days before! N loves horses and animals in general so try to imagine her excitement! Especially as it was a complete surprise to both of us.

We also walked around the stables to see other horses. Whilst there Ella suggested we buy some carrots at the market and come to feed the horses on our way back. N, obviously, simply loved the idea!

When we were already leaving we met one of Ella’s friends who works there. And he said we could have a short ride. The level of excitement went beyond any limits!

N used to take riding lessons back in London and looks like she might want to have them again. She was SOOO happy!

After that, we went to Kuala Terengganu to the market. Both girls were hungry already so we started with visiting the food court. A VERY local one ;) I was glad Ella was with us as normally I get completely lost in places like this. Not to mention that I would probably never get to that market without Ella.

We tried some noodles with soup, Laksan Terengganu (noodles with fish sauce made in Terengganu style) and Nasi Dagang rice. Oh and N drank Mylo (a brand of instant cacao) and asked me to take a photo of it as well ;-)

After the snack, it was time for souvenirs. I hoped to find something local for our continent box and also to take a look at batiks. Some of them were really beautiful. Unfortunately, at the same time bit expensive.

N got a new dress and a bamboo whistle and I finally bought a cotton batik. Not the one made in a traditional way, but therefore not that expensive. The lady at the stand showed us how to wear it in a Malaysian manner, both the female and male style.

We had what we came for so we moved to the food section to buy some fruits and obviously carrots for the horses. Ella showed us around the market pointing out all the local specialities like turtle eggs, tempoyak (fermented durian, very creamy and, of course, smelly), palm sugar and other treats. I also tried a raw jering, a very bitter and truly disgusting thing. But apparently good for your health.

From the market, we went to a shopping mall, not that traditional anymore but we’ve tried some more local treats there – paratha with banana&chocolate, Kaya Balls with a sweet filling made of coconut milk and palm sugar and of course some ice cream. A sweet closure to our girls’ time out.

On the way back home we stopped at the stables and learned how to overcome a fear of horse’s teeth ;-)

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