Rascals’ poetry teatime

The moment I saw this idea on Worldschool Explorers fan page I knew we would organise our own poetry teatime one day. And “one day” was today! At breakfast, I asked my Little Rascals if they liked the idea and wanted to have one. And luckily they did!

Since we’re far away from home, our meeting couldn’t be as fancy as those we saw online (click, click). We decided to have a picnic party with ice tea. It’s way too hot here for a traditional tea. We went to our favourite spot in the Singuang Ferry Wharf, we bought tea and some very unhealthy snacks on the way and sat down on a small hill with a view of harbour and ships. It was after 17 when we started, so the sun wasn’t a problem anymore.

In the morning N suggested we read one of her favourite Polish poems for children called “Pchła Szachrajka” (“Adventures of a Cheating Flea”) by Jan Brzechwa. We didn’t bring the book with us but luckily we live in an era of Internet and smartphones, so I was simply reading on the phone. Therefore I have no photos from during the tea, but you can have a look at the nice surroundings we’ve been to today.

One of the reasons we like this park so much is a fountain in which kids love to play. The water runs only for 10 minutes every 2h (at least I think so, I still have to break down its secret schedule), but afterwards there’s still plenty of water left creating a small paddling pool. More or less in the middle of the read, we to took a break from poetry and Rascals went to have fun in the water.

After kids were done splishing&splashing, the sun was already starting to set. We finished reading the story and then played a bit more and walked around the wharf.

We spent a lovely afternoon and Rascals have already decided we should do it every week!

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