Tokyo day 3 – Cat Cafe

After the visit to the Edo-Tokyo Museum, surprisingly not Rascals still had some strengths, so we decided to visit a cat cafe. I don’t like the idea of animals’ cafes at all, but N wanted to go so soo much and we needed some incentive for kids, they were getting more tired and upset about the journey.

Actually, there are plenty of different animals’ cafes in Tokyo. Everything that is little and cute will sooner or later have it’s themed cafe. You can choose between cats, rabbits, birds (of prey but not only) and since recently even hedgehogs! The idea behind is a cozy place where people can interact with these oh so cute animals. When researching the subject I found phrases like “this very competitive market”. Well, Japanese like everything that is cute and sweet and oh just to eat it and since they have such tiny houses (did you know that 36m2 is considered a big flat there?), most of them simply cannot afford to have a pet at home.

So from this competitive market, we chose a cat cafe as it was the closest and – wait for it – it “distinguishes itself by choosing exotic breeds such as main coons and abissynians”. I love main coons, I dream of having one (I will never have), so it was the only way Rascals and their dad could convince me to go.

I had no idea what to expect, I didn’t like the idea from the beginning and after the visit, I don’t like it even more. I mean, we went to a cat cafe! Cats don’t interact with strangers. Very often cats don’t interact with their owners. I have had a cat for many years, I know them. Cats want everyone to leave them in peace unless… you can offer them something they want. Like for example… food.

So we enter the cafe, listen to “dos and don’ts” (mostly don’ts), look at the cats and wonder “WHY ALL OF THEM ARE PREGNANT?!”. Basically, these cats spend their entire days inside a cafe being fed by the staff and lovely customers who are in such a great need of interacting with animals. After a short time they get so fat, they can barely move. I wouldn’t be surprised if the inspiration for Garfield was a cat from a cat cafe.

As an “interacting with animals” place it’s simply terrible. As a cafe, even worse! The entry fee doesn’t include any snack or drink and you are required to order something. That “something” will most probably taste bad or worse. So you pay a lot for no interaction and a bad drink. The whole time we were there I was wondering why did I agree to do it!

And the best part – there was also a couple from Europe who’s review I found later somewhere on the Internet and they’ve given 5 stars out of 5! Calling the place great and the experience amazing. Where is this world heading to?!

Oh, and Rascals simply LOVED IT!!!!! ;-)


The only main coon that looked like a main coon and not a fluffy ball



This one is of average size I’d say



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