Little Rascals in Tokyo – Intro

We started our BIG Asian adventure with few days in Tokyo. When we were looking for tickets to Taiwan, the most reasonable flights were via Tokyo. So we decided, why not spend there few days? Back then we thought it would be our only option to see a bit of Japan (today we know that we HAVE TO go back there and visit slowly the whole country, Japan is SO AMAZING!). So Rascals Dad asked for holidays and we headed (very excited) to another part of the world.

We left Madrid on Saturday morning and arrived at Narita airport around 17pm local time next day. From Monday until Friday we would wander around the city, try local specialities, play in the parks, visit interesting museums and well… fall in love with Japan!

Tokyo is an amazing city where modern life meets the tradition. City busy by day and busy by night. Safe city, where people are kind, streets are clean, food is delicious and the toilets wash your buttocks with warm water ;-)

Tokyo also turned out to be a very children-friendly. Before the travel, we were a bit worried how Japan will survive our expressive kids. But all our worries were exaggerated, our kids were simply loved wherever we went.

Some practical information:

  • we rented our apartment via Airbnb, it was quite spacious as for Japanese standards, between Akihabara and Ueno stations. Very good location for both exploring the city and getting to/from the airport (as the Skyliner line stops at Ueno)
  • children under 6yo usually don’t pay for the tickets (train, museum entrance etc). When buying tickets DO NOT mention the younger children or you may end up paying for them as well (which happened to us once). If you say “3 children” the cashier almost always will sell to you tickets for all of three without first trying to confirm if they are  entitled to a free ride/entrance
  • level of English is quite low. It’s not like in Spain but not like in Finland either. Meaning – sometimes they do, sometimes (often) they don’t speak English.
  • a very useful page for preparing your travel is

Here are the links to all my posts on our time spent in Japan:

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Day 5 – Sensō-ji Temple / Shinjuku Gardens / Meiji Jingu


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