Three Little Rascals exploring Asia!

Yes! The reason behind the silence on the blog is because… we moved to the other side of the world! First, we were busy preparing the trip and now we’re busy having the time of our lives! Oh, I wanted so much to keep you up to date with our trips but it just has been too crazy!

Slowly we’re getting used to living on suitcases and I hope I’ll be able to make up to with all the blog posts. My oh my SO MANY exciting things have happened, we visited SO MANY interesting and amazing places, and it’s still only the beginning…!!!

Just a small peak into our itinerary…

We started with one week in Tokyo from where we moved to Taiwan. We will be here for almost 3 full months, 2 of which we spent in Taipei and soon we will move to the South of the island.

Taiwan is first out of three destinations in which we planned longer stays. And, if everything goes good and we still won’t feel like coming back home, we might visit some more places while heading back towards Europe. But other destinations will stay secret for now, let’s concentrate on where we have been so far, what have we seen and what have we done.

Here you’ll find links to posts about all the countries we’re visiting:


Japan (April 2016)


Taiwan (April 2016 – July 2016)

And the list will be growing!

2 thoughts on “Three Little Rascals exploring Asia!

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