21 days with a chicken egg

To celebrate the spring and Easter we made a little project inspired by a friendly Polish blogger. She provided us with necessary photos (and they can be found online) to follow the development of a chicken that happens inside an egg.

Every day we took a look at a corresponding photo and afterward, we hanged the photos one after another to make a story of how an embryo develops into a chick.

chicken development

chicken development

Little Rascals would also make their posters of a chicken life cycle. I printed colouring pages and pictures from the Learning Resources set. I would so much prefer to use the set instead but I have no more space for additional resources at the moment.

They coloured and cut out the life cycle stages and every day they were adding a new picture of a developing embryo.

chicken development

It’s typical in Poland to sow a bittercress at this time of year and I love doing so with my Little Rascals. But this year we added a special touch. We used animal figures from our collection to make it more Easterish and spring-ish.

chicken development

chicken development

chicken development

chicken development


I gathered web resources on my Pinterest board:

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