Vet laboratory & clinic

N decided to become a vet. But a real one and still as a child (optionally as a teenager). Quite a challenge I’d say! So recently a lot of our learning activities are connected to animals and becoming a vet. She’s really motivated!

I decided to use this opportunity for as much learning as possible and for touching the areas which were a bit neglected by her recently. I came up with an idea of a play in which we would work on:

  • maths – measurement
  • reading
  • writing (cursive…)

There was also a lot of practical life or fine motor skills – transferring, wet pouring etc. I also strengthened the need of keeping her workplace clean and tidy and putting things back to their place just after use (otherwise soon she wouldn’t know what was what).

We had a lot of fun and I was granted the position of a vet assistant ;-) So here is what we did…

Vet laboratory

As a vet, N will have to prepare medicines for her animal patients.

The idea behind was that N would understand different standard units and how we measure them. She would practice the naming and decide which tools are necessary for measuring. We worked with weight and capacity.

I printed for her instructions on preparing five different “drugs” – cures, vaccine etc. I made sure the instructions were clear and with not too many words. I also used the century gothic font, typically used in Polish Montessori materials as the one which is easy for children to work with. All to facilitate the reading process.

I also prepared the ingredients N would need, using the stuff one can find in almost every kitchen – flour, sugar, salt, milk, food colouring, spices etc. For each of the ingredients, I printed a label with its invented name. Words that do not exist in our languages but which were phonetic and easy to read.

N’s task was to read the instruction, find proper ingredients, decide which tool to use to properly measure the required quantity, measure it and mix the drug. She loved this activity SOOO MUCH I think I will have to prepare soon something similar.

Without haste and very concentrated on the task N prepared and measured next ingredients. Sometimes adding more, sometimes reducing the amount if she put too much. It was interesting to observe, how slowly she comes to conclusion whether she has to take away little or a lot and how she was estimating the amount on the spoon. She also liked a lot how the different ingredients were interacting between one another, how they diluted (or not) and mix, how different amazing shapes were created on the surface. Sometimes she would just stare for several minutes contemplating the magical process that was happening in front of her eyes.

After all the preparations were ready we stored them in 5 small jars. N has also labelled them (using printed capital letters as I couldn’t be with her at the moment) and they were ready to use in play.















Vet clinic

The second part of the activity was a role play. Usually N but sometimes also me we would get into the role of the vet. The other one would come to the clinic with one of N’s plush animals which needed doctor’s help.

This part included imagination play, measuring capacity and writing.

N had to apply a proper quantity of a liquid drug she prepared earlier depending on the animal’s weight (to make it easier all of the drugs had the same dosing). At first I thought of making the amount dependent on animals length just to introduce the third measuring unit, but after all, I decided that working with weight will be more realistic.

I also prepared prescription sheets in which N had to write down the name of the patient, observations, and recommendations.

N took her task very seriously and with her usual attention to details. She prepared a lovely and cozy vet’s office, all the tools needed and even some decorative accents. All turned out really nice.








Files to download

All files which I prepared will be available to download but I first need to translate them from Polish. But it’ll take time. Not that there’s so much to translate but more due to all the other things I have to take care of currently. But I will add them, I promise!

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