Mastering teens. Montessori

S has mastered his teens and we’re slowly moving to working with numbers until 100. Today I’d like to show you materials we used for practicing the teens.

First and foremost – teens Seguin boards (you can find here my tutorial for making your own boards and here an information on how to work with them).




After the third presentation with Seguin boards S was working a lot with the 11-20 bead hanging frame. I recall having strong doubts whether to buy these frames (we have also the 1-10 one), but both N and S love working with them, somehow they are very appealing to children. Even V loves them, although I do not let him play with it.



Dump truck counting mat – I found the printable on The Measured Mom blog. We used only 11-20 numbers and worked with wooden blocks. S is crazy about all the vehicles (I think I mentioned it already) so every activity with transportation theme is always a hit with him.


Melissa&Doug wooden puzzles – we’ve had them for a very long time now, both N and S love using them.


Counting little transparent counters (I wrote more about them in my post about magnetism) – we have exactly 20 of them, so S would count them again and again in many of our plays. Since it’s still winter time we often used them on our light table.

Teens cards – I prepared cards with equations 10+1= until 10+9= and ten dots on each of them (I found this idea on one Polish blog) as well as 45 stickers. S was supposed to add appropriate number of stickers on each card and write down the equation’s result.

At first he was using number stickers as at the time he still has had problems with proper pencil grasp. Luckily slowly he’s strengthening his hand and recently he started to write with pencils.

We repeated this activity several time as at the beginning S would put the numbers in wrong order (21, 31, …, 91).

We also practiced writing the numbers on a white board. Either numbers alone or I was showing bead bars and S had to write down a proper number.

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