Colour recognition racing game for toddlers

When I made a car racing game for S I prepared at the same time a similar version for V. Only he played with colours instead of numbers. I was lucky to find among our learning resources different materials in matching colours – yellow, red, blue, green, orange and purple.

Materials used:

  • Spielgaben blocks (cubes and rings)
  • Learning Resources vehicle counters
  • colour dice
  • a sheet of black card A3

Again setting up the board was an engaging activity itself. V loves playing with wooden blocks (which child doesn’t?) so first he was trying to do alone as much as possible (he needed my help at the end).

matching “start” & “finish” blocks by colour

players on start

The rules were again very simple – V was rolling the dice which indicated the colour of the counter to be moved. The first one who got to the circle at the end of the board was the winner. We actually started the game using plane counters, but they were too difficult for V to operate. They were falling from their blocks and the whole board was getting disorganised when he was trying to put them again in their places. The boats, on the other hand, were perfect for finger grasp training.

V liked the game a lot, though he has not fully got the concept of “throw the dice – move the counter” yet. We’ll be working on that in future and we’ll be changing our game a bit to keep his interest.

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