5 kingdoms of life. Montessori

After the Second Great Lesson, I wanted to introduce to Rascals the concept of 5 kingdoms of life. I was wondering whether to use the old classification (Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia) or the newer one with three domains (Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya). Finally, I just decided to mix them to make things easier to understand. After all, N is only 6 years old and this classification will be enough for now.

I love the materials found on Elementary Observations and at first, I was planning to simply use them (changing the language to Polish). But recently we’re facing a problem with our morning work cycle and temporary I had to change my approach – instead of preparing materials for Rascals and presenting the lessons, I include them in the making process.



I prepared coloring pages with drawings found online and printed 4 copies – one for me and one for each Rascal (I figured V would join us sooner or later). I also prepared colour papers, pentagon metal inset, black pencils (for tracing insets), coloured pencils, scissors, and glue.

Additionally, I gathered in a basket photos of bacterias and protists I used during the Second Lesson with some figurines for the plant, animal, and fungi kingdoms.




While we were colouring, cutting and pasting I was able to tell a bit more about why and how we classify living organisms as well as short characteristics and few curiosities about each of them.




After the cards were done I once again explained N the different classes and then she worked on sorting the figurines and photos. S has almost finished his cards but at the end, he was too tired to keep on colouring and cutting so later he worked with the cards made by me.




In the afternoon I laminated my cards and left the activity on shelves. I also printed and attached the name and description cards.

N asked me to laminate her cards as well because she wanted to make a booklet out of them. Before laminating I printed the short descriptions for her as well so she could paste them in her booklet (sorry, no photos of the booklet!).

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