Number recognition car racing game

When looking for transportation theme activities for S I found a nice and very simple racing game on Mama Jenn’s blog. It used to be available for download but the link doesn’t work anymore. First I thought of simply creating a similar file but then I found an easier, faster and I think even more interesting for S way.

Materials used:

  • 6 toy cars
  • 2 sheets of black A3 card
  • wooden blocks from Spielgaben set
  • dice(s) – we used two kinds
  • paper, scissors, marker and adhesive tape

Setting up a board was very easy. We joined the black sheets and created a race line for each of the cars. We used yellow rings to mark the finish. Setting up the board was a good activity in itself and it was a bit tricky for S not to put too many blocks in one line and to arrange them evenly (I helped him at the end).

The rules of the game are very simple. We roll the dice and the thrown number indicates which car should move one space. The car that gets first to the yellow circle is a winner. S loved the game a lot (I guess because it involved playing with his cars) and he changed the rules few times only to be able to play longer. First he wanted all cars to get to the finish line and later decided that they will go there and back. He played several times using both of the dices.

The game helps with number recognition and counting practice. S actually has no problem with the small numbers (we’re working on Seguin boards already, we moved to teens and soon will start with tens) but I was happy to see that he had no problems even with the dot die. He didn’t have to count dots at all. I plan to set up alike games using different dices (we have a lot of different ones) as an extension activity for the subject we are working on.

Good thing about this game is that it can be set up easily and we can use whatever items for the pawns depending on child’s interests. I even prepared very similar board for V, this time a colour recognition one (I’ll show it soon on the blog).

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