Magnetism is fun! Testing materials from Kabum

We love playing with magnets and magnetic toys, but for a long time we didn’t have a strong enough one in our materials storage. All those that I bought turned out to be quite cheap (though weren’t cheap…). Luckily we visited a wonderful store Kabum during our stay in Poland were we given for test several things to play with magnetism – a magnetic wand (sturdy and powerful), 10 magnetic balls in red and blue, little transparent counters and golden sand. They are in almost constant use, both in free play and in prepared activities. Today I want to show you some of the ways we play with them.

magnetism preschool

One of Rascals’ favourites is searching for the counters with the magic wand in the styrofoam balls. They totally love the jumping balls and the counters coming out of nowhere. They were also intrigued by the fact that the tiny styrofoam pieces were electrifying when in contact with the plastic container, their skin and the wand.

There are 20 counters in the package and S likes to count them every now and then – he’s mastering the teens :)

Playing with wand and counters is also a good fine motor skills activity. V had problems in detaching the counters from the wand – the magnet is strong enough to keep circles coming back to it.

After that we moved to play with magnetic marbles. First kids were trying them alone – making shapes, moving them around and exploring their possibilities. N tried to make a bracelet but to her disappointment the magnets weren’t strong enough for that.

Kids also decided to search for marbles with the wand. I thought earlier about this version of activity but when trying it out I noticed it wasn’t as nice as with the counters. Well, Rascals didn’t agree with me on the subject ;-)

We have only 10 balls and it turned out to be way too little for 3 kids to play at the same time. To avoid the blood battle I suggested playing in turns. Meanwhile the waiting child was looking around for things to check if they would be attracted by the magnet or not. We learned that magnets don’t attract wood, plastic nor paper, but they do attract metals (I skipped the part “not all of metals” for the moment).

After that part it was time for pretended cooking play. It’s the one V will never miss!

We also did some magic!!! We drew in sand using only a magnetic marble and the power of our minds. And well, the magnetic wand as well ;-)

I put the golden sand on a thin tray and placed the tray on two chairs so there was easy access from the bottom. When we were moving the wand it made the little marble move on the tray. We all loved making the little ball go crazy and N came up with an idea of writing and drawing with it different shapes.

We also like using the counters on our light table – they look so beautiful on it!

Here you can see the materials in action


I was given all materials to try in our homeschool setting and write a review based on our experience.

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