Taming little people’s big fears

Being a person who is afraid of her own shadow I try not to expose our Rascals to supernatual creatures like ghosts, monsters, zombies etc. So far it worked, even this September Rascals were laughing when listened to “scary stories” about ghosts told by their uncle or cousin, since they have had no idea what ghosts actually were.

Everything change some time ago when N watched a cartoon story with bad ghosts. She started to sleep again with a light on (for some time she was afraid of going to sleep at all), was coming to our bed or calling me to go to her in the middle of the night and needed hundreds of confirmations a day that ghosts really do not exist.

We talked a lot with her trying to address her fears but the real breakthrough in the matter came when I suggested she drew them. She took the task very seriously and created a book about a Wolf Ghost who was a ghost during the day but was turning into wolf during the night.

What I especially liked in the book was how she has chosen the colours and how consistent she was with her choice. There is even detailed description of Wolf’s appearance, including the inner anatomy. My favourite is “pipe with these two things” meaning oesophagus and trachea. What is more, there’s a list of other titles from the Horror Stories series. According to it soon there should be published as well:
“Frightened pumpkins”, “The children’s darkness”, “Bad ghosts”, “Two friends Hearts and the pink woods” and “The fox and it’s dangerous woods”.

detailed description of the Wolf-Ghost’s anatomy

other titles from the “Horror Stories” series

“Frightened pumpkins”

“The children’s darkness”

“Bad ghosts”

“Two friends Hearts and the pink woods”

“The fox and it’s dangerous woods”

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