Rascals in outer space

I said “astronomy”. Rascals’ Dad said, “let’s send them to outer space.” So we did!!!

But before you can go on a space travel you have to learn several very important things and skills. After all, space is whole different from Earth.

First of all, we checked how living in space looks like. We watched several videos made by crews of international space stations. N’s favorite – “how to wash your hair in space”

After watching videos we addressed some of the important concepts like gravity and orbiting. We were wondering why on Earth we’re coming back to the ground when we jump while in space astronaut’s hair floats around.

If you want to pilot a spacecraft, first you should learn how to fly.

If you go to a new place it’s handy to have a map. N created one using information found in several books.

It’s also practical to know how the rocket is built and what does it need to go into space. We used the Kerbal space program. Rascals learned about different parts of a rocket like capsules, liquid fuel, solid fuel, engine etc. Practice makes perfect, after few days S was able to build rockets which would go into space!

And then there’s nothing left but to build your own private spaceship and…

10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… and lift-off!!

(we used sound from this video)

In addition, we made a very simple board game “From Earth to Saturn”. N drew both planets as a start and finish. We created the way using pieces from our Spielgaben set. As pawns, we used figurines from Safari Ltd space toob. The rules were very simple – we rolled the dice and moved the pawns forward and backward (as the dice had sides till +4 and till -2). Only one pawn could stand on smaller places and in order to finish the game (land on Saturn) you had to throw the exact number of fields left. Otherwise, you miscalculated and you missed the planet. The game was especially funny for S and V and apart from fun was a good introduction to addition and subtraction.

And since the subject is sooo interesting and we love board games, N decided also to make another one. With a very unusual board, pawns and sophisticated rules.

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