Helsinki – (8/8) – Girls’ day out

One Sunday we reserved for girls’ day out and boys’ day out. Boys went with Dad to tram museum and spent a lot of time on the station watching trains. Unfortunately, no photos were taken…


Meanwhile, we went with N first to the city centre. We started with a nice breakfast and then wandered around waiting for the shops to open. We finally could enter shops like Marimekko or Ittala. Normally I would be too afraid to take S and V there. We also visited Moomin shop and bought some souvenirs.

As we were close to the Chapel of Silence I managed to convince N to enter it. A calm and quiet place in the middle of the busiest and crowded area of Helsinki – Kamppi. A place that couldn’t be more Finnish and maybe only Finns could come up with. A wooden church placed in the busiest area of the city where one can enter and find silence. It would be perfect for Montessori silence lessons!


And the afternoon we spent at the Linnanmäki Amusement Park. It’s famous for its old wooden rollercoster, which we couldn’t ride as N was still too small for it. One more reason to come back to Helsinki one day! The entrance to the park is free of charge and there are several free rides for younger children available, including the Panorama sightseeing tower with its incredible views of the whole city. We also enjoyed the water labyrinth – a short path where you never know from where and when the water will start throwing at you.


Useful websites:

Linnanmäki Amusement Park

Kamppi Chapel of Silence

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