Helsinki (4/8) – We’re going on a… icebreakers hunt!

It was a day of a looong walk through Helsinki. But we would never manage to get our Little Rascals to do all of these kilometers without a proper motivation. So that was the day when we went to see real icebreakers!!!


We started with getting to know the neighbourhood – a “square with a bear” (Karhupuisto, Bear Park), Kallio church and a fire station.

Then we walked down to Hakaniemi and through the market…

…and then down through the city till we got to the Senate Square.

Senate Square is one of the best known places in Helsinki. It’s surrounded by four building designed by Carl Ludvig Engel – Helsinki Cathedral, the Government Palace, the main building of the University of Helsinki and the National Library of Finland. Also the oldest stone building of Helsinki – Sederholm House – is located there. You remember good – I was there already with Rascals few days before. This time we had more strengths and time – we walked up the stairs and entered the cathedral. It’s interiors aren’t at all spectacular but there was a very nice pipe-organ concert taking place. So we sat and enjoyed the music for some time.

From there we walked towards South Harbour, Kauppatori (Market Square) and to the foot of Finnair Sky Wheel. We didn’t take a ride (after London Eye it’s difficult to impress us) but we admired a small vegetable garden we found there. We had a short biology lesson of naming vegetables (tomatoes, courgettes, herbs, cabbages, spinach and much much more!). I also pointed kids’ attention to different parts of plants we eat. I simply loved this little garden!

Then we walked to Katajanokka – originally a headland, now technically an island. The icebreakers fleet is docked at its northern side. It was a really lovely part of our walk since we all love boats and there were plenty of them and a lot of different kind – from small boats, to beautiful smaller and bigger sailing boats, to fancy motor yachts, to lightship (which currently serves as a cafe).

And so finally we arrived at our destination – icebreaker fleet! There were 3 icebreakers docked at that time (and some time later we saw another one in a different part of city – seeing S speaking “Look mum, there’s another icebreaker” – priceless!!!). We sat down next to them and talked and talked and talked. Kids were asking questions and we were giving answers or we were asking questions and kids were trying to figure out the answer.

And then we deliberately walked back home stopping at the cafe with colourful chairs for coffee and cakes. We had yet another lovely day in Helsinki!

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