DIY tooth cross section

Some time ago N has lost her first tooth. She’s been waiting for this moment for many weeks and now she’s a proud possessor of a brand new gap in her mouth. Unfortunately she lost the tooth on a walk so we couldn’t take a good look at it. Luckily soon we’ll have plenty more opportunities to do it.

After this very important step she said she wanted to learn more about teeth. As we’re away from home and our lovely materials and have practically no access to the printer, I had to come up with something more than ‘just internet’. So I turned to good old-fashioned colouring pencils and paper pad.

I prepared three paper cut-outs – (white) for enamel, (yellow) dentin and (red) pulp and threads in 3 colours (red, blue and light orange for blood vessels and nerves).

We talked about the function of the teeth, why we have milk teeth at first and about the tooth anatomy. After that N made a cross section from previously prepared materials.

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