Helsinki (1/8)

When we announced to the world that we were going to Finland and especially when we mentioned staying in Helsinki for some time, a lot of reactions we got were like “What? They have the highest suicides rate in the world! Why would you go to such an unhappy place?” Well, the stereotype is definitely not too favourable for this city. But we were going during the summer (so actually we had more daylight than most of our friends and families at the time…), probably the best time of year to visit Helsinki!

We stayed there for 3 weeks after our Arctic holidays. We rented a very nice flat in the bohemian Kallio area – district full of pubs, alternative cafes, thai massage studios, second hand shops and junkies.

We had a lovely flat with big and cozy kitchen and with road works just outside our window. Our Rascals spent countless hours watching the men at work, road building machines and trams passing by.

I think that after road works in Sweden and time in Helsinki our Rascals are almost ready to open a road building company.

Most of the time we would just wander around or travel by tram. Since Rascals’ Dad was going to the office and kiddos were tired after holidays and all the travelling, we took it easy. We concentrated on things they like to do and see. We visited playgrounds, seaside, harbours, parks and beaches. And in-between I managed to visit few places I wanted to see. When we were tired we would just pop on the tram and ride around. And eat ice creams. Sometimes really big ice creams!


Helsinki turned out to be a wonderful city and we spent a really lovely time there. And hopefully it will bring eternal luck to our N – at the very end of our stay she first found a four-leaf clover and few minutes later… a five-leaf one! I didn’t even know there were five-leafed ones!!!!


Come and let me show you how amazing this city is!

Little wanderers at Kaivopuisto


We’re going on a… icebreaker hunt!

Rock Church & Sibelius Monument

A day out at Pihlajasaari Island

National Gallery Ateneum

Girls’ day out

Ain’t it just lovely? ;-)


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