Museum Siida in Inari

During our Arctic holidays we decided to explore a little more the culture of Sámi people by visiting the Siida Museum located in the village of Inari.

Inari lies on the shores of one of the largest Finnish lakes, picturesque Inarijärvi. On the very day of our visit the sun was supposed to set there for the first time in 2 months!

Siida offers several very interesting exhibitions providing a comprehensive information on the history, customs and culture of the Sámi and the dependence of their lifestyle on the rhythm of nature. There is also a good overview of the local climate, seasons, flora and fauna. During summer an open-air museum is open for visitors, where traditional (most of which are original) Sámi buildings can be explored.


After the visit in the museum we played a bit on the playground and because of that we were too late to visit Sajos, a building made of wood and glass in which the Sámi parliament is based.

On our way back we marveled again at the beauty of Arctic and wondered at the carelessness (in Finland simply called ‘stupidity’) of the ubiquitous reindeers.


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