Hiking in Arctic

I completely fell in love with Arctic and just can’t wait to go back! We spent few days close to Saariselkä in the Urho Kekkonen National Park. The area is perfect for hiking. There are lots of trails well prepared and signposted.

We rented a cozy wooden cabin lost in the woods. It had sauna, grill hut and reindeers grazing just outside the window. Could it be more Finnish?

We enjoyed hiking in the woods and having barbecue in the evening. It was only around 10˚ outside but we didn’t care. We were happy and happy people don’t mind degrees. After all it was summer!



For our first hiking we chose an easy family trail. The route was a little over 6km and only at the very end N and S began to grumble a bit.

During the walk we have seen a pack of reindeers grazing in the distance and an old closed gold mine (gold was never found in it). We were taking in the silence and wilderness around us, resting after 3 spent years in overcrowded London.

There were just us, nature and few other lucky ones we met on the trail once in a while.



Two days later we went hiking again. This time we chose the picturesque Iisakkipää Nature Trail that leads to the top of Iisakkipää (454 m.a.s.l.). On the walk we talked a lot with kiddoes about Arctic landscape and nature. N was particularly interested in mushrooms we found on our way. Boys had their private adventure on the route when they ‘accidentally’ fell to a small stream.


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