Little Rascals in Finland

Going to Finland has been my dream for many years. So when the opportunity came, we packed our suitcases, gave back the keys to the flat which has been our Home for the past three years and said farewell to London.

We spent in Finland 2 months. We started with 2-week holidays in Lapland. After that we went to Helsinki where we stayed for 3 weeks and then moved to the suburbs of Tampere for another 3 weeks. Each place was completely different from others, in each we used our time differently and each was an unforgettable experience. After these two short months I’m more in love with Finland then I ever was!

But before we went we needed to prepare our kids for the big change. We made with them special calendars in which we marked major points of our trip and various attractions which we had already planned. We obviously checked Maps by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy and we read about finnish customs.


Below you’ll find links to all my posts about our stay in Finland:

Visiting Rovaniemi


Santa Claus Village


Whale Safari


Falling in love with Norwegian Coast


Hiking in Arctic


Museum Siida in Inari


Looking for gems in the Amethyst Mine


Helsinki (1/8)


Helsinki (2/8) – Little wanderers at Kaivopuisto

Helsinki (3/8) – Suomenlinna

Helsinki (4/8) – We’re going on a… icebreaker hunt!

Helsinki (5/8) – Rock Church & Sibelius Monument

Helsinki (6/8) – A day out at Pihlajasaari Island

Helsinki (7/8) – National Gallery Ateneum

Helsinki (8/8) – Girls’ day out

to be continued…

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