Soap, grater, water, bubbles

Two funny activities from the practical skills area which help to strengthen child’s wrist and hand’s muscles.

Grating soap on a small grater – N loves this activity! Since I’ve put the tray on our shelves no day passes by without her working with it. A child has to grate the soap and then place the shavings in a bowl.


I store all shavings in a small box and if needed I prepare another activity with it – whisking it in a water with a small kitchen whisk. It’s a really fun activity for kids as it includes playing with water and bubble-making. The child has to pour the water into a bowl, add some shavings and then, with fast yet smooth moves whisk it in order to make a bubble foam. N is getting better and better at this, S still stirs rather than whisks and V, well he scatters and spills everything whenever he gets a chance.


In case anyone wondered – yes, V constantly tries to get to these trays. Yes, shavings ARE everywhere – on the floor, shelves, trays and materials. Yes, I DO have to swipe the floor several times a day. No, I DO NOT plan to remove these activities from shelves. Little Rascals would never forgive me ;-)


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