DIY Seguin boards

Seguin boards are a Montessori maths materials used in primary level to introduce the concept of 2-digit numbers, how they are created and their sequences. There are two boards’ sets – teens for numbers 11-19 and tens for numbers 10-99. Soon I will write a post on how do we work with these boards, today I’d like to present how we can make a set for us at home.

Seguin boards are one of those materials which in my opinion are very useful to have in a home education environment and which at the same time are ridiculously expensive. In “my” British shop I would have to pay more than £50 for both sets.

So I decided to make my own boards using foam board (recently one of my favourite craft material) and black number stickers.

Materials used:

  • foam board – 2x A3 sheets or 1x A3 & 1x A4
  • number stickers – black, as large as possible (mine are 30mm) – you’ll need 18 zeros, 12 ones and all other numbers three times
  • ruler, pencil
  • rotary cutter
  • double sided adhesive tape
  • scissors

I started with making the little digit cards 1-9 and based on their size I prepared the boards. My cards are 4cm wide and 4,5cm high. I cut them using a rotary cutter and placed the sticker numbers. There should be 18 digit numbers cards, 9 per set.

After that, I started with the boards. For the width, I took two times of the cards (8cm). The height I received by adding the height of 5 number cards, 6 division strips plus additional 1cm just in case. In the original boards, the numbers are slid under the dividing strips, in mine, they have to fit between the stripes, so that’s the reason for additional 1cm.

The board’s final size are 8cm x 32,5cm. We need four boards for two sets.

Next, I cut the division strips and stick them using the adhesive tape. Using glue should also be fine but I prefer working with tape since it’s less messy. For two sets you need 24 strips, mine measure 1,5cm x 8cm.

Finally, I placed the numbers.

My teens boards look like this:

…and tens boards:

To make them even cheaper we can print the numbers, but I preferred to save some time and work. We can also use card or cardboard instead of foam. We can also simply print the boards, but in my opinion, they would be more tricky to work with.

2 thoughts on “DIY Seguin boards

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