Little bees

For our spring poster and during our yellow week we’ve had some craft fun today. We made little bees, I found this idea on a Polish blog Babylandia. It’s definitely a craft for older children, S needed my help with almost everything, N also several times. But anyway I think they had a lot of fun and before we glued the bees to our poster, they played with them flying and buzzing around the living room.

little bees craft

Materials needed:

  • yellow and black card
  • tiny red circle stickers
  • correction pen
  • pipe cleaner
  • a piece of cardboard (we used from cereals box)
  • kitchen foil
  • adhesive tape, glue, scissors

We made the body from the yellow and black card. We used red stickers for the noses, with correction pen we drew eyes and smiling faces. From the cardboard, we cut out wings and wrapped them with foil. We used small pieces of pipe cleaners as the antennae. Then we joined all the parts together using the glue and adhesive tape.

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